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synSPA Consulting provides various solutions for new or existing businesses. Mostly any challenge that you can imagine, synSPA can be there to help. Below, you will find a list of the several services that we offer. Perhaps one of the best advantages that we have over others is that we own & operate a spa & are familiar with all of the challenges facing the industry. This also our spa consultants to develop solutions for your spa with our entire team of therapists, managers & support staff, allowing us to recreate your challenges and test our solutions before we implement them for you. Our spa consultants do more than just visualize, they know your challenges & help you implement them all the way through.

General Consulting.

General Consulting Quick Advice.

Many of the clients we speak with come from a strong spa or business background. This gives you a leg up on a lot of your competition but we realize that you are heading into unknown waters.

Sometimes all you need is re-assurance on making the right decision. This is the reason that we offer hourly rates where we review any documents or ideas that you have & provide answers for the unknown.

If you are interested in speaking with a spa consultant about your concept or need help moving to the next step, we are happy to have an initial conversation with you followed by offering expert advise to move your project along.

We pride ourselves on being 100% honest & up front. After we speak with you, we will provide an estimate to your for your quick consult. If you agree, you are only obligated to the amount of the time that we estimated. We generally turn around such requests within one-week if reviewing or/editing your existing documents. For general advice, we provide same-day spa consulting.

Spa Business Planning Start-up & Infrastructure.

A spa business plan is a formal set of spa business goals, the reasons they are believed to be attainable and the plan for reaching those goals. Sometimes, all you need is the okay from someone to say that these plans will work & you are on the right track. This is what we are here for.

Our service includes the creation or review of spa business plans, marketing plans, operations manuals & workflow concepts; feasibility analysis, competitive analysis, tenant representation (finding your space), financial statements & projections, demographic & consumer profile, & spa audits for your existing spa business.

When you have a solid business strategy & plan, you can set it in motion with confidence following our thorough review.

Services that may be included in spa business planning include:

Spa Business Plan Financial Statements & Projections Operational Start-up Feasibility Analysis

Spa Concepting & Theme What makes you so different.

A concept is a general idea derived or inferred from a specific set of ideas & thoughts. The development of a spa concept involves forming a concept or concepts of a spa business in such a way that the spa has a consistent & unique theme & vision that is superior to its market place and competitors. The spa concept is the basis for all design, architecture, treatments and service standards and will drive the business model.

Our service includes identifying a spa theme that will be carried over into each aspect of the spa development & business. The spa concept will help to determine the space requirements, spa design & layout, corporate identity, spa service standards, spa treatment menus, target demographics & more.

Our spa concepts are always unique & different. We do not attempt to duplicate any one particular spa or spa theme. Instead, we find the best and most logical relationships between your vision, marketplace & resources to develop a spa concept. We offer very unique thinking & can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with what we create for you.

Services that may be included in spa concepting are:

Theme Signature Treatment Design Product Vendor Selection Spa Workflow & Operations Concept

Spa Branding Be recognizable.

The combination of a name, term, sign, symbol, design, concept & theme used to identify the products, services, standards, vision & experience of an organization. Spa branding is extremely important to spa development & your spa brand must be consistent visually and intertwined in every facet of your spa operations & facilities. You spa brand can include intricate details such as lighting, uniforms, language, furniture and much more. Proper spa branding is essential to the success of any spa business.

Your Spa Brand is multi-faceted & can include several options. Our spa consulting services may include brand naming, logo creation, spa corporate identity development & collateral and spa brochure design, spa web development, spa theme development, spa philosophy development & spa conceptualization.

Corporate Identity Spa Website Development Spa Treatment Menu Planning & Design Other Spa Marketing Services
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