We recognize that many new spa owners are new to the industry or have been in the industry without experience in upper-level management.

We want you to be able to dive-in to your new project, head first, but sometimes you need a life-line to help you. Our experience in working with multiple projects is that many new spa owners get into this exciting industry as a major career change. Often, they never fully complete their project because they are worried about what is to come.

Recently, we have found many clients coming to us who have looked into spa franchising models to overcome their fear. A spa franchise is a fantastic model, but it leaves you with certain restrictions, a large buy-in, hefty recurring fees and long-contracts. As you build your business, when you wish to go off on your own, it becomes difficult to break away from the business that you have built. Working with spa franchisers offers numerous benefits such as strong support systems & networks, marketing support, training, branding & much more. You must decide if working with a franchise fits into your long goals. If not, we offer a helpful alternative.

Our Spa Management Approach short contracts, long-term results

Our approach to working with a management clients is simple. We begin by helping you develop your business through our general consulting services. This includes branding, marketing, spa planning & design, project management, treatment menu development, business planning & more.

While we are working on your project to get your spa open, we recruit a world-class staff & identify your management team. The management team is a staff of 1 - 5 members (depending on your size) that are part of our synSPA team. Your other team members such as front desk, attendants & therapists are employed by you & our management team leads them to successfully realize your vision.

During the spas first year, the spa's executive director or general manager works closely with you to train you on how to run your spa independently, without the need for a management company in the future. We generally recommend 2 years, but we can offer shorter or longer service agreements.

Once you feel comfortable on your own, synSPA will work with the director or general manager to find any necessary support management to assist you with your daily operations, or, find an executive director that will become your employee.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using synSPA management for your new spa. First, our team of experts are passionate about new spa concepts & work to innovate your property on a daily basis. They are experts at spa operations & your particular market & have fantastic coaching & development skills. In addition to the experience & knowledge that you gain, synSPA also handles your marketing & promotional efforts including your spa's website & social media. Another wonderful benefit is that in the event of an emergency where one of your staff members (or managers) is on an extended leave, or quits, we can utilize our network to offer a world-class short-term staff member to fill in the gap while we find a permanent solution.

Our office staff can provide advice, centralized reservations, staff training & development, collateral design, media purchasing & more. Our focus is to offer a franchise-like experience without the exorbitant cost or commitments

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