synSPA Consulting is the pioneer of a concept called "synergistic spa". This concept was established in 2005 when we assisted on a project with a physician, Ross Marchetta MD, who had a vision of The Spa at Yellow Creek that offers his patients dedicated supportive & preventative care. We took that concept & ran with it to develop a fully integrated health center with Marchetta to provide supportive & preventative care to his patients.

The Spa at Yellow Creek was born out of a new dynamic in spa & wellness services. synSPA loved the concept of the project & was determined to develop a turn-key concept of a "synergistic spa". The concept takes the med-spa to a new level by utilizing spa services, fitness services, nutrition & alternative therapies, blending them with physician care. The objective was to establish a fully integrated medical center that offered everything a patient would need to be well.

This concept has proven to be significantly successful in terms of patient care, prevention, wellness & profitability. The goals was to establish a prototype for a turn-key wellness spa solution which we have done very well. A "synergistic spa" is able to be integrated into any physician's current practice on a large scale or a more practical level. We have developed a multitude of concepts for this type of spa including resorts, wellness hotel spas, standalone spas, hospital spas, day spas ∓ med-spas.

At synSPA Consulting, we feel that taking care of our clients should be more than just providing an amazing spa service. We believe that we spas should help individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle through integration & customization of care physicians in an effort to combine Western & Eastern medicine. The end result for the client is living better longer & for the physician - a core competency, amenities that are unmatched by some of the best resorts, additional attraction to medical practice, support for medical tourism & of course, an additional diverse revenue stream for the operator.

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